Wednesday 15 October 2014

What The Hex Going On?

       Hex - Interesting choice of word but contrary to what you're thinking right now, I am not referring to the TV series or the board game or the witchy Juju that is cast on a guilty or sometimes innocent victim with the intent of leaving them under a curse or am I not? It looks like recently in my home town every Brenda, Sheebah and Cindy is under a spell, I mean how else would you explain one nude picture scandal after another?  Allow me stop you in your answering tracks by volunteering an answer of my own, they are auditioning for "Who wants to be the next Kim Kardashian?"  Could they be looking for spontaneous popularity because let's face it, sex (Nudity) sells.
       But maybe, just maybe it's not the popular with the problem, perhaps the problem lies elsewhere, flashback to high school,Economics class, remember that lesson on the market forces of demand and supply, well I think here they apply, think about it, if we the consumers just didn't buy into it, I mean all the nudity, sex tapes, senseless music together with it's videos et al, if we ignored it and just didn't buy or comment or even blog about it, there would be no market for it, there would be no demand and therefore no supply. Demand really is equal to supply, who knew I would have my economics teacher to thank for this observation?
       Honestly I  feel like we have browbeaten the popular into selling us nudity, they have started becoming creative, have you ever heard of "nudity for charity?" yeah ridiculous, I know but what can they do, they need to stay in our good books by showing us the goods for a cause like alleviating and reducing breast cancer, so take a picture with no bra and post it on social media to help create awareness, we have turned them into porn stars, I swear and then we have the audacity to sit back and retort, see what has become of our generation, see what has become of our generation indeed and so I ask again what the hex going on? Are both the consumer and supplier bound? Are we cursed? Can we escape it? You tell me.


  1. Socks!!

    Good observation about demand and supply. I guess we are all part of the problem...

  2. Interesting point of view...I disagree at us having browbeaten them to bare all. See, if it came down entirely to demand and supply, even you would be under pressure to let the hex takeover no? There's something else at play beyond the demand. If somehow jumping off cliffs becomes the thing the market forces are baying for, there'll be some that'll quickly do it. But some won't...
    But I agree on the bit of us all being a part of the problem

  3. Ahahahaha good one Bex!
    Grandma (May God rest Her Sweet soul) used to say mbu, "Attunda ayolesa yamazawo..." LOL
    Welcome to the challenge :)

  4. So up-sad that our future generation is view this as normal behavior...inspiration of-sorts,"western culture|influence" is no-longer to blame but the level of freedom..Just saying!

  5. "I won't stay here another night
    If I gotta sacrifice
    Who I am on the inside
    I'd rather be an outsider
    And you can stay if you like
    I'll see you on the other side
    I wanna live the free life
    I'd rather be an outsider" (Lecrae "Outsiders" #Anomaly)

  6. I am somewhere between your opinion and Kakoma's. We havent exactly browbeaten them but neither have we done much about it.

    We look up to our celebrities but who do they look up to.