Tuesday 29 October 2013

Am Ok

I must have said these words a hundred times over and written them in a couple of inboxes over the past few days but I doubt I meant them each time I uttered them see,
Friends are not just forgotten in a day or two, it isn't just alright after that...
Just when I think I have gone through all of griefs 5 stages, I regress and slip in to them all over again. I am going round in circles.
A voice whispers, "Do not mourn like those without hope" and I am trying, I really am
I guess all I can do is allow to go through these motions until the Lord sees it fit to relieve me of this burden.
I miss you Mark, I do and I am tired of pretending that it's okay because it's not so today, I am telling myself, Becky
And miss him because that is okay too, write a little in that Journal, blog a bit and perhaps he'll see and if he doesn't blog anyway, write him a song or two and reach out to others whose hearts are breaking just like yours, let them know that its okay to cry and talk about how much it hurts to have him gone, Grieve and do it in whatever way gives you release for he who does not weep does not see, he who does not grieve, does not live

Am I okay?
Ask me again tomorrow


  1. Becky, I feel exactly how you feel. I thought I was strong... But I am allowing myself to grieve.

    1. Its better this way!!
      Grieve it out and one day you will wake up and all will be fine

  2. I have a few "clever" words every once in a while, yet i find none appropriate!

    1. Still thankful for the thought.. Bless you Mr. Izaara